You are welcome to reserve any room

There are different rooms, yet all equally elegant: one- and two-room suites, and spacious luxury family suites.

Hotel History

This famous house was built in the early 1900s for Felix Zawojski, a high society fashion designer and tailor.

News & Events

July 1 Felix Zawojski opens to welcome its first guests.

The 44th annual Karlovy Vary International Film Festival will run July 3-11, 2009. The event will begin with the tenth strike of the City Hall clock and feature over 300 films from all around the world.

Felix Zawojski Hotel

The Felix Zawojski is a reputable hotel. This is where people stay when they come to Karlovy Vary to relax. Within the hotel’s walls there is everything needed to do so—rooms furnished tastefully and with a respect for the history of the building, modern infrastructure, a bar, and a breakfast room.

Outside the building you will also find things of interest. The hotel is located next to the city’s main sights—the Market Colonnade, healing springs, the city theatre, and the Holy Trinity column.