The building of the hotel is known as Felix Zawojski’s house.

Pan Zawojski was a tailor. He dressed members of the European royal and aristocratic families. The house was built at the dawn of the 19th century.



Just a few years ago, the building was occupied by a bank. Although it has had several owners, its original design has remained unchanged.


Felix Zawojski Hotel

The name of the original owner of the house has always been there on its facade. Today, completely restored and renovated, it is a high-class hotel given the true name, Felix Zawojski. Many interior design details have survived through time, such as, for example, the door knobs which are over a hundred years old.


Felix Zawojski’s House

TThe house has the exact old-time atmosphere. So popular in the early 20th century, Art Nouveau designs are all around: trimmings, portals, balconies, and even decorated locks.